Jen Freitas

Director, People Learning and Engagement, Clif Bar & Company

Jen Freitas is the director of people learning and engagement at Clif Bar & Company, a leading maker of nutritious and organic foods and drinks. Guided by the Company’s five bottom lines – Sustaining our Business, our Brands, our People, our Community and the Planet – Jen leads the company’s people development, engagement, and wellness programs.

With a holistic view of individual and organizational development and a passion for corporate responsibility, Jen strives to help Clif people achieve their greatest potential at work and beyond. During her tenure, she has directed her interest and expertise in human development, health, and sustainability to create innovative benefits initiatives including the Clif Bar’s Sustainability Benefits Program and the White Road Academy, the company’s training and development program.

Jen started at Clif Bar in 2001 as a cardio kickboxing instructor. At the time, she also owned and operated Fit Intuit, fitness training and apparel business. Inspired by Clif Bar’s commitment to people, community and the planet, she happily joined the Human Resources team in 2006.

Prior to Clif Bar, she started her career in politics, working on local political campaigns and serving as a political/legislative aide for Alameda County Supervisor, Keith Carson. She also worked in health care management as a physician relations manager at North American Medical Management.

Jen holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and earned her master’s degree in holistic health education from John F. Kennedy University.          

She resides in Oakland and during her free time she enjoys dancing, yoga, gardening, and hiking with her dog.

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