Jennifer Atkins

Compensation Manager, CarMax, Inc.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Jennifer Atkins


De-coupling Pay from Performance to Enable Managers to Drive Performance

This session will provide insight on decoupling pay from performance by exploring how to craft a program that administers pay separately from performance.

I will provide a “how to” approach on compensation administration using a set of holistic pay factors, and cover how to move into a performance management model that focuses on frequent conversations between the manager and employee to drive performance.

Using a specific case study from the University of Virginia, attendees will learn how to move from a traditional model of pay for performance into an innovative holistic model focused on the alignment of business goals to the performance of individual employees.

This session will explore successful change management and communication strategies to enable change and maintain alignment between business objectives, compensation and performance management.

After participating in this session, attendees will:

Learn how to modernize the traditional ...

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