Kathleen Sorensen, PhD

Senior Partner, The Coffman Organization, Inc.

Sorensen has extensive leadership experience in creating and delivering integrated, high-impact solutions in all aspects of people management. Focused on Human Capacity, her talent and expertise lies in the strategic analysis of corporate goals and the design and implementation of selection and development interventions. Dr. Sorensen was the Global Practice Leader for The Gallup Organization in the area of talent selection and development. During her eighteen-year tenure at The Gallup Organization, she worked directly with executives and business leaders from nearly every industry (engineering financial services, major medical sales, pharmaceutical, automotive, oil and gas industry, and computer services). As the primary architect for the selection and development systems, Dr. Sorensen developed initiatives for all aspects of employee life, from recruiting and selection through leadership development and succession planning.

Her professional responsibilities have included the development of more than 60 unique talent profiles, directing the research, analysis, and training elements of the engagements. This research has been widely disseminated in the bestselling management book, First, Break All the Rules.

She has created client-specific corporate university programs for leadership, management, sales and service, including the Great Manager Program, Sustained Growth a Leadership Mentoring System, Outstanding Associates Program, Leadership Development and Discovery Series and CEO Leadership Summit. She has earned a PhD., M.A. and B.A., specializing in organizational communication.