Kelly Elizabeth Behrend

Director, Corporate Responsibility and Strategy at Peacework Development Fund, Inc.

Kelly Elizabeth Behrend leverages the collective genius of academia, civil society, government, and business leaders to solve global challenges. She is the Director of Strategy for the Peacework Development Fund, an international nonprofit organization that engages communities, academic institutions, and corporations in cross-sector solutions for sustainable development. In this role, Kelly is responsible for optimizing the organization's strategy, growth, and impact in over 20 countries. She is a Co-Founder of The Purposeship Approach, a principles-based model for cross-sector collaboration that facilitates transparent engagement and trust-building among diverse stakeholders. In her mission to be an optimist, a listener, and a convener, Kelly also consults a variety of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs on theory of change, strategic planning, organizational development, and impact assessment.


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