Kristen Bakalar

Senior Consultant, BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies

Kristen has an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, with a focus on group dynamics and executive coaching.  She is an Instructional Designer and Consultant with BlessingWhite, actively developing and creating custom training solutions for clients.  In addition, she is a Product Manager, responsible for improving, positioning, and managing standard training programs designed to fit into a company’s existing learning curriculum.

Kristen is adept at understanding a company’s culture, uncovering their true business challenges, and identifying appropriate training solutions that help drive performance and impact the business.  She has a particular strength in creating strategic learning programs, integrating content from a variety of sources to meet the tactical and strategic objectives.  Kristen has facilitated training programs, presented webinars, and has delivered many public speeches, ranging in scope from small intimate gatherings to keynote addresses.  Topics have included: women’s issues, leadership development, college campus safety, and more.

Kristen was a Process Consultant to the Practicum in Change and Consultation class at Columbia University, and she served as an Expert Coach to the Executive Coaching class, as well.  She has studied group and team performance through her work with the Tavistock Institute, as well as issues surrounding identity, diversity, and inclusion.  She is on the Executive Committee of the New York Center for the Study of Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems (an affiliate of the A.K.Rice Institute), and she is a Small Group Consultant at the Group Relations Conference at Columbia University.

Kristen has over 10 years of diverse business and leadership experience, along with an intimate understanding of the psychology of the workplace.  Prior to joining BlessingWhite, Kristen worked in the Global Talent Development department at Wolters Kluwer, where she was responsible for developing leadership development curriculum, on-boarding programs for new hires, and learning initiatives for high potential employees.  Her prior work includes management, coaching, and strategy development, in various industries, including: college athletics, event management, sales/marketing, and information services.  

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