Lonnie Walton

Personal Trainer and Owner of Fitness Together

I have been a trainer for over 13 years and I have been working out all of my life. Exercise and fitness have always been something that I have enjoyed long before it was a way to make money or assist people in changing their lives. As a youngster I`ve enjoyed various forms of movement fitness although during my childhood these activities were considered hobbies. Some of the activities (hobbies) I enjoyed as a child were martial arts, roller skating, skate boarding, BMX, swimming and basketball.

As a young adult I was an amateur bodybuilder and spent a great deal of my spare time lifting weights and studying the do`s and don`ts of fitness. I became a vegetarian in my early twenties and continue to progress my diet and fitness levels

Fast forward about twenty years and today I am  owner/manager of a personal training studio Fitness Together and  I hold seven certifications NASM (national Academy of Sports Medicine),Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Bodybuilding Anatomy, Soft Tissue Release, Prescriptive Stretch, Functional Movement Screening. Although currently I delegate most of the training to my qualified staff, I have enjoyed playing a major role in each clients transformation over the last eight years as proud owner of this fitness facility. My activities of choice are mountain biking, kayaking, tennis and oil painting.

The highlight of my life is being able to take what I enjoy and turn it into a successful business. In the eight years that Fitness Together has been in operation my staff and I have helped over 600 people reach their health and fitness goals. I look forward to many more years of continued success.