Lynn Pollard

Senior Consultant and Master Facilitator, Executive Development Associates

Lynn Pollard is both a Senior Consultant and Master Facilitator, at Executive Development Associates and the principal at Pollard Consulting, a 25  30 year old organizational development consulting firm.  In her work, Lynn focuses on cognitive thinking and processes, high stakes-facilitation, leadership coaching and development, and human performance.  Lynn consistently creates safe environments for her clients to “get to the heart of the matter” leading to sustainable change. Lynn is known for her ability to assist her clients in having difficult conversations, with others and themselves – the kind of conversations that make people uncomfortable, that challenge one’s beliefs and ideas, that have high stakes for all parties and that are potentially emotionally charged. She provides clients with the skills and confidence to have those conversations, which leads to clarity about roles and responsibilities, high levels of agreement and commitment, increased engagement and accountability on everyone’s part and greater results and productivity.   Lynn has been the Director of the Resource Realizations’ Coaching Institute, is an Appreciative Inquiry practitioner and an organizational development consultant who assists organizations in building internal capacity,  bench strength and finding practical solutions for complicated and everyday problems.