Phillip Campbell

Cognitive Scientist & CEO, enigmaFIT

Phillip Campbell is a Cognitive Scientist and CEO of enigmaFIT. He obtained his Master of Cognitive Science Degree in 1990. He has over 25 years of corporate experience in optimizing organization’s and individual’s performance through Leadership Change and Adaptive Expertise Programs. Phillip is an AmCham Governor (American Chamber of Commerce in Australia) and on the AmCham Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Phillip and his team have provided the Adaptive Expertise Programs to Board Members, C-Suite/Senior Executives and High Potentials from organizations such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, General Electric, MasterCard, Westfield Corporation, Scentre Group (Westfield), Qantas, etc.

Based on his extensive experience in the areas of Fluid Intelligence and Adaptive Expertise, his knowledge of the brain’s inherent plasticity, and his considerable business experience; Phillip wrote an innovative paper on the ‘Talent Dilemma’ which resonated strongly with many of enigmaFIT’s clients. Subsequently, in conjunction with enigmaFIT’s clients, he developed a succinct yet pragmatic construct of ‘Potential’ based on measuring High Potential’s current inherent Adaptive Expertise; i.e. their Adaptability and Cognitive Agilities (such as Strategic Agility, Mental Agility, Learning Agility, Innovation Agility, etc.).

Phillip’s trademark is working with Executives in the area of Adaptive Expertise, so that they can ‘Think Differently’, ‘Act Differently-Repeatedly’, creating Quantum Improvement in Leaders.