Simon Lewis

Owner of the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Simon is an actively involved, hands-on business director, always in the midst of exciting new projects. Simon’s area of expertise is in global hospitality for LFH International, the private family business behind River Island and a global real estate portfolio. Yet his key area of responsibility is in directing and consulting the creative people around him, sharing their successes or failures by being a valuable critic of process in the commercial machine.

Regularly challenging employees and colleagues beyond their normal comfort zones, Simon uses his relaxed manner to constantly stretch their knowledge, understanding and skills to boost performance and achievements. He combines 25 years experience in brand values, destination marketing and sales strategies associated with the travel, tourism and hospitality industries with his skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming to develop creative solutions which achieve consistently measurable and often award-winning results.

In 2007 Simon conceived, developed and opened a multi-award winning luxury Spa business in the US. In 2013 he was instrumental in creating and implementing a new cultural identity for one of the Group’s flagship hotel property, the 5 star Eau Palm Beach Resort in Florida. Here his work encompasses the complete values set which underpins the core identity of the business from guest touchpoint to employee engagement.

Simon is constantly seeking new challenges and achievements and is presently studying for a degree in Photographic Arts. As well as a keen photographer, Simon is an enthusiastic kite-boarder, scuba-diver and snow-boarder. He also holds a commercial pilot’s license and trains people in many aspects of peak performance.

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