Susanna Marking

FEMA Office of Public Affairs, Department of Homeland Security

Susanna Marking is originally from South Dakota.  She received her undergraduate degree in communication from South Dakota State University, and recently earned her Master’s in Public Administration from George Mason University.
Susanna began her federal experience in high school as an intern with her local U.S. Forest Service office.  Through the federal student programs, she worked in the national forest’s Office of Public Affairs for seven years. She performed everything from writing news releases and editing videos, to being the main spokesperson during forest fires. Susanna says her extraordinary experience at the U.S. Forest Service convinced her to build a long-term career in the federal government.  
After moving to Washington D.C. to pursue graduate school, she transferred to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. As a SCEP, she led the effort in developing a new public outreach program, and created tools to educate citizens about federal career opportunities.  Susanna recently became a Presidential Management Fellow.  She currently serves in FEMA’s Office of Public Affairs and performs media relations.  She’s excited to continue her federal career, and hopes to help lead an agency someday.