Sylva Juliano

Group Director, Executive and Leadership Development at The Coca-Cola Company, Bottling Investments Group

Sylva joined the Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group in 2011 as Group Director for Learning and Development with the primary responsibility to design, develop and deploy learning solutions that develop leaders across all levels of the organization including frontline, mid-level, senior and executive.  In 2013, Sylva was appointed Group Director for Executive and Leadership Development with expanded responsibility to develop and execute strategy for the development of BIG’s current and future executive leaders, and for the design and deployment of diversity training initiatives, including the Women in Leadership Academy series.
Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Sylva spent the last thirteen years with the General Electric Company (GE) in various progressive leadership development positions including special assignment as Global Training Leader, Branch Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) where she designed a deployed global SFE curriculum for the GE Money network of 3,500 branches and 7,500 employees in 21 countries.
In 2007, Sylva joined GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Development Center, Crotonville, New York as Global Manager, Leadership Education, where her primary responsibility was to strategically reposition and contemporize leadership curricula for GE’s top global leadership talent, including front-line leaders, experienced individual contributors and early executives. Sylva was subsequently appointed to the position of Crotonville’s Global Director, Executive Education, to redesign and manage GE’s premier development programs for its top global executive leaders.
Sylva grew up in the Czech Republic and graduated from Charles University in Prague with a Master’s Degree in Translation & Interpretation, English and Russian languages. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two children.  She enjoys yoga, hiking, gardening, reading and international travel.