5 Ways to Turn Former Employees into Brand Ambassadors - Even if you Laid Them Off


The relationship between an employee and an employer has changed dramatically in the last 10 years.  In today’s economic climate leaders in Human Resources sit in the difficult position of having to balance the need to attract & retain top talent with the reality that at any time there could be a strategic shift in business focus and some employees – even top talent – may be laid off. Turning former employees into supportive alumni has always been a good business practice, but with the proliferation of social media it has become critical to fostering that relationship, even with those who are leaving the organization as a result of their position being eliminated.
We will discuss five things that employers can do to create a relationship of respect, and foster alumni who will be brand ambassadors – whether they go to work for one of your competitors, your customers, or if you decide to recruit them back – even if you laid them off.
You will learn:

  • How to cultivate the alumni relationship early on in the employee lifecycle
  • How a Fortune 50 organization fosters its relationships with displaced employees through redeployment
  • Best practices around communicating with impacted employees during a transition


Mark Yocum

Corporate Human Resources Manager for Caterpillar Inc.

Karen Stevens

Vice President, Practice Strategy at RiseSmart