Amplifying the Impact of Diversity Initiatives


Too often, organizations invest heavily in developmental programs for their high potential women, only to discover that the programs alone are not sufficient to grow their much-needed talent pipeline. In her presentation, Dr. Racioppi will discuss this widespread corporate conundrum and how to get past it. She will share insights gained over the past 23 years in working with leading corporations and look at the “trifecta” of strategies and supports needed to help women achieve their full potential as corporate leaders:

  • CEOs who are committed to an inclusive corporate culture and the organizational shifts that may be required.
  • Managers, mentors and networks who all support female talent from the earliest stages of the women’s careers.
  • Women themselves who are provided with a variety of development opportunities that help them pinpoint and act on necessary career-advancing changes.


Rosina L. Racioppi, Ed.D.

President & CEO, WOMEN Unlimited Inc.