Building Best in Class: How to Drive Change in Talent Acquisition with Limited Resources


Whether you’re in high tech, healthcare, or any other industry, talent is likely the competitive differentiator that determines if an organization thrives in the future, or doesn’t exist.  Successful organizations must align strategic talent acquisition and engagement activities with business strategy.  In order to do this, they must leverage existing technology embedded in their organization, while being able to quickly evaluate, select and integrate new technology.  They must understand which tools are critical, which are merely interesting and how to tie those tools to an overall recruiting strategy that delivers long-term, sustainable results.
This session will provide insight into how one healthcare system is taking steps to address critical labor shortages and how they’re using technology to drive every step of the recruiting lifecycle. Uniquely, the speaker has recently changed employers, leaving a “best in class” recruitment organization with a sizeable recruitment budget to lead a new organization building from the ground up.  
You will learn:

  • Insights on designing talent acquisition infrastructure to meet the hiring needs of the organization, including considerations for realigning existing resources
  • How to build “best in class” – without the corresponding budget to do so.  Making difficult choices when financial resources are limited.
  • How to move from compliance to candidate experience, how technology impacts talent acquisition and which choices make the most sense for evolving organizations.


Nicole Guiet

Director of Talent Acquisition at University of Colorado Health