Consumer-Leading Companies Share Their Candidate-Leading Secrets


When the market knows your company and its reputation well, Talent Acquisition faces different types of challenges. Talent attraction strategies need to be aligned with and complementary to consumer-facing messages and corporate reputation. Brands known for superior service and product quality are held to a higher standard from the job candidate marketplace. So how do you translate that message of consumer care to job candidates and their experiences throughout the hiring process?
This panel brings together large employers with strong reputations and name recognition. We will share ideas and discuss:

  • How to focus on the candidate throughout each step of the hiring process.
  • How to engage candidates in a way that matches their expectations as a consumer (Consumer brand and employer brand consistency).
  • How to balance these priorities with efficiency and high volume challenges.
  • What role technology (specifically video interviewing) plays in executing the workflow and measuring success.


Mary Comerford-Hewitt

AVP, Talent Acquisition, North Shore LIJ Health System

Milena Gashkevich

Global Director, Talent Acquisition, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Stephanie Pallante

AVP, Campus Recruiting & Early Talent Programs, Aramark

Michelle Schroeder

Talent Acquisition Data and Technology Manager, Allstate


Kurt Heikkinen

President and CEO, Montage