Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Engage Your Workplace


Courage is the first virtue of organizational performance, because it’s the lifeblood of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. Courage is what's needed for workers to step up to challenges, seek out leadership roles, and assert innovative ideas. If you want to promote employee engagement, you'll first need to build their courage.
The Courageous Leadership presentation will provide practical strategies for building workforce courage so workers can become “opportunity seekers.” Courage-building will be explained as a strategy for improving performance and counteracting the negative impacts of workplace fear. When everyone is working with more courage, the entire organization is transformed for the better. Research shows that courageous workers seek out leadership opportunities, step up to challenges, offer innovative ideas, passionately embrace change, and are more productive. In short, courageous workers get work done!
You will learn:

  • Why it is the premier personal and professional virtue
  • The research on the debilitating impacts that fear has on performance
  • The distinct types of courage (TRY, TRUST, and TELL) and how to differentiate among them
  • How to create an environment that supports courageous behavior
  • Tips on how to be more courageous and how to inspire more courageous behavior among those you lead


Bill Treasurer

Author of bestselling books, "Leaders Open Doors" and "Courage Goes to Work"