Creating an A+ Recruiting Team


Building a winning recruiting team is more challenging than ever. Hiring forecasts are unpredictable, business objectives are fluid and extra budget for recruiting is hard to come by. Building a great team requires planning, focus and endurance. Our panelists will discuss how their organizations are working to create and retain effective recruiting teams.
In this session, you will learn:
·         How to attract and build a quality team.
·         What skills are needed on the team.
·         How to train recruiters for success.
·         How to manage performance and continuity of service.


Tara N. Amaral

Senior Vice President, Head of Talent Acquisition, Fidelity Investments

Penny Burnett

Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Equifax

Lisa Maronski

Senior Vice President, Head of Talent, Santander Bank


Greg Karr

Executive Vice President, Seven Step RPO