Creating a Talent Acquisition Strategy During Uber-Growth


Uber was founded in 2009 and already this app-based transportation network is in more than 200 cities and valued at more than $40 billion. This bold, disruptive company has required a gaming-changing recruitment strategy. Head of People Renee Atwood will share how Uber is simultaneously developing the talent acquisition strategy with the executive board, while executing on that strategy with recruitment teams in the US, Singapore, China, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, and beyond.  Renee will also share how the company is taking control of its employment brand, although Uber is often headlining on page on.
You will learn from this keynote speaker:

  • How to develop a talent acquisition strategy with executive board support.
  • How to create and implement a strategy while in hyper-growth.
  • Ways to align your recruiting strategy globally.


Renee Atwood

Head of People, Uber Technologies