Creating a Trust Based Culture that Supports Social Connections and Collaboration


Social technology is a powerful medium for just-in-time communication, transparency, collaboration, innovation, and even employer brand.  And while social technology plays an important role in today’s organizations, the reality is, the success of these tools relies on the underlying culture of the organization.
A trust-based culture is a key ingredient that’s needed for social technology initiatives to take off as leaders are challenged to become increasingly transparent, employees are enabled to collaborate more broadly, and people across the company instantly become brand ambassadors.  In this session, Great Place to Work® CEO China Gorman will discuss the impact a company’s culture has on the use of social technology.
You will learn:

  • The common roadblocks to success
  • The cultural elements that bolster the success of social technology programs
  • Case studies and examples of successful social technology initiatives within FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For


China Gorman

Chief Executive Officer of Great Place to Work