Delivering Candidate Experience — The 5 Elements of Attractive & Effective Job Descriptions


There is a lot of talk in the Talent Acquisition space about candidate experience. Rightly so--recruiters are expected to deliver it, metrics are built to capture it, and awards are based on it. But providing a great candidate experience goes well beyond the pale of good customer service. At its core, candidate experience means giving job candidates what they really want--an opportunity to pursue a position that would deliver value to both the organization they are applying to and themselves as employees. To get this, however, candidates have to clearly understand what the job entails and how it would engage the person who was ideally suited to fill it, and getting that means recruiters have to get a lot better at describing the position in the first place.
We all know the drill. A position opens up, we need to put it on the website and start advertising ASAP and thus the hunt begins for the job description we used the last time the job was open. Aside from the fact that this is almost always outdated (itself a copy of an earlier version), the approach explains everything about what the documents usually are: a collection of generic, jargon-filled sentences with "requirements" that have very little to do with the actual work and almost no thought given to what would actually appeal to the right individual.
In this interactive workshop, you will learn the power of effective job descriptions and then focus on building better ones with the five key elements that will help recruiters attract interest from the best candidates, fill jobs with the right people, and provide a pathway toward early success and engagement once on the job.



Bill Craib

SVP, Enterprise Learning