How Los Alamos National Laboratory Builds an Exceptional Employee Experience With Wellbeing


Since 2014, Los Alamos National Laboratories has delivered a personalized wellbeing program that helps employees thrive. Originally conceived as a way to manage rising and projected healthcare costs, Los Alamos’s program has grown into a strategic initiative, extending far beyond the realm of physical health.
As the company’s employees build daily healthy habits and improve their wellbeing, the company has seen not just millions of dollars in estimated cost savings, but invaluable gains in employee engagement, productivity, and culture. In this session, we will share Los Alamos Lab’s journey to strategic wellbeing and successful business outcomes as well as a discussion of the future of employee wellbeing and its incredible potential to influence business performance.
You will learn:

  • - How to drive business outcomes with employee wellbeing
  • - Best practices of a holistic wellbeing program
  • - How to transform health outcomes-based program to a key component of your organizational culture


Jamie Aslin

Ergonomics Health and Wellness Team Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Chris Boyce

Founder and Vice Chairman, Virgin Pulse