Empowering Front Line Managers: Twitter's New Model of Employee Engagement


Today’s employees speak to be heard, often and across a multitude of channels. Leaders must be more agile and responsive than ever before, and they require new forms of employee engagement to build better company cultures; namely continuous, multichannel feedback collection, and real time, actionable insights.  As employee engagement is inextricably linked to business’ bottom lines, organizations need management solutions linking these employee engagement offerings to leadership strategy execution. Fortunately, advances in NLP and machine leading technologies make all of this possible. By combining quantitative metrics, and for the first time, key qualitative factors, companies can automatically identify and resolve critical employee issues--such as recruitment efficacy, retention risk, and diversity--and marry these insights with important business outcomes and metrics.
This session explores actionable ways to increase employee engagement through real-time, multi-channel actionable insights. In this presentation we will detail the implications of continuous, human driven employee feedback, which include the development of structures to empower managers and processes for efficient and agile organizations.
You will learn:

  • How to develop dashboards for all appropriate job functions--such as data analyst, compensation, diversity and inclusion, benefits manager, executive--to better measure and manage employees
  • How to improve efficiency by eliminating manual scoring of unstructured text data such as surveys, performance reviews, and social media
  • How to incorporate qualitative factors like emotion and intensity into traditional quantitative analysis to reveal the intent of employees
  • How to harness the power of real-time business insights within departments, divisions, and manager networks to make data-driven decisions


Shane McCauley

Director, People Systems and Analytics, Twitter

Armen Berjikly

Senior Director of Strategy, Ultimate Software