Engagement Through Commitment: Articulating the Higher Purpose

In order to attract and retain the best and brightest it’s imperative that the overall mission behind the work is understood.  The greatest asset agencies have is the sense of higher purpose that can be instilled into talent.  Mastering this along with key engagement strategies will provide an effective, efficient and happy workforce. In this interactive session Peter Shelby, Maia Church, and Ilka Rodriguez-Diaz will share their experiences with the human capital strategic lifecycle and how they have been able to use a sense of higher purpose to increase the longevity of their top talent.  Specifically They will share how this is done through branding to attract candidates; post-hire acculturation which introduces new employees to the organizational mission and their roles in achieving it; and, development strategies to improve engagement, productivity, and retention.

Presented by

Peter J. Shelby, M.Ed., MBA, SPHR

Chief Learning Officer for National Reconnaissance University (NROU)

Ilka S. Rodríguez-Díaz

Chief of Workforce Planning & Analytics Group, National Reconnaissance Office