Engendering HR Competency for Effective Strategic Analysis and HR Consulting


With all the noise about workforce analytics and HR professionals becoming more strategically aligned with the business and C-suite goals, you may have overlooked some core skllls every HR professional needs to be more effective as strategic consultants to the business.
By leveraging insights from data, you will be able to lead your organization to better “build, buy, and borrow’ talent decisions.  But this requires knowing where to start, which questions to ask and having the tools and methods to analyze and make sense of all forms of data.  Starting with the wrong baseline, could lead you to invalid hypotheses, wasted efforts and money, as well as poor decisions.
In this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Methods to help foster alignment and engagement to establish a firm foundation for people analytics.
  • A framework for how to conduct pertinent Discovery sessions across the organization that ensure there is an agreed-upon current state to analyze against.
  • Techniques to develop the base case, conduct data synthesis, and hypothesis testing.
  • Design structure for building insights, business case development and story-telling for the C-Suite, as well as strategies to embed and ensure on-going governance around analytics capabilities.


Susan DeFazio

Principal and Global WFP Lead, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group (KellyOCG)

Armond Mertikian

Senior Associate, Psychological Skills for Professional Services