Forging the New Frontier of Human Capital Management with Strategic Alignment

As organizations in the public sector face the impending “Federal brain-drain” and continue to grapple with the seemingly impossible demands that come hand in hand with the current economic state, unprecedented challenges ensue.   Given the uncertainty of the future, it is now more critical than ever to both define, and align organizational missions, goals and critical roles for the future. Iin this session, Pat Tamburrino will convey the importance of:

  • Creating a line of sight into the organizational mission, vision, values and strategy
  • Integrating Human Capital Management with all components of organizational goals
  • Implementing analytically-based methods which support long-term workforce planning
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the skill portfolio of the workforce
  • Developing targeted programs and strategies required to execute the mission for future success

Presented by

Pasquale M. Tamburrino, Jr.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civilian Personnel Policy, United States Department of Defense