The Formula For High Performance: Research on Building Trust in Business Shows How Trust and Business Results are Linked


At any time, but especially in difficult and fast-changing times organizational trust is a critical driver of sustainable business success. In fact, according to powerful research conducted since 2009, the links between trust, leadership, collaboration and a company’s financial success are unmistakable. The facts are clear: High-performing organizations are high-trust organizations. And yet, many organizations still fail to leverage this relationship, perhaps due in part to limited clarity about how it really works or how it can be advanced.
In 2012, Interaction Associates partnered with the Human Capital Institute to build upon three previous years of their Trust in Business research. The fourth annual survey further explores how the level of trust, leadership and collaboration within an organization influences business productivity, retention and engagement of key employees, and financial success.
Don’t miss these takeaways from this signature research:

  • Learn what elements define a foundation of trust and what behaviors are critical to its success
  • Discover the kinds of prescriptive measures you can take in your company to increase trust among peers, leaders, and the organization as a whole
  • Hear more about how organizational trust is becoming increasingly important in business, and how it can be measured and used to drive productivity


Linda Stewart

President and CEO, Interaction Associates

Andy Atkins

Chief Innovation Officer at Interaction Associates