Game Day — Hiring an All Star Staff


Boston Red Sox wants each fan to have an amazing and memorable experience.  They know who they hire for game day staff is critical.  To employ the 700 people needed for each season, they used to host a massive one-day recruiting event for all those interested; however, it was inefficient and impersonal and they decided to overhaul the entire process. 
Senior Director of HR Michael Danubio was tasked with finding a better, more efficient way to screen candidates, return managers back to their day jobs quickly, and create a great candidate experience.  Hear his journey.
In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to streamline the hiring process for greater candidate satisfaction.
  • What tools can help decrease the time to hire.
  • How to use data and analytics to improve your quality of hire and succession planning.


Michael Danubio

‎Senior Director, Human Resources, Boston Red Sox