Gearing Up for Retirement Pressure and Talent Scarcity in Target Markets: Three Keys to Success


Many companies rely on fundamental types of skills in their day-to-day activity, and demographic shifts can place extreme pressure to maintain the talent needed to support operations. For Linde, a world-leading industrial gasses and engineering company, this talent is exemplified by the drivers for its trucks. Facing a shortage of qualified drivers due to an aging workforce and retirement pressures, in 2012 Linde found itself in a constant struggle with open positions, long recruiting cycles, and the pressure for people in other roles to fill the gaps. To address the issue, the company took critical steps to position for the new reality of talent scarcity.
In this presentation, Valerie Egan, Head of Resourcing, North America for Linde will share in three basic steps needed to meet a chronic scarcity issue. These include three major areas of focus: developing a proactive partnership with the business to get ahead of requisition cycle, boosting the referral program to improve talent access, and strategically applying additional talent acquisition resources. What are the best practices in executing on these needs? What are the pitfalls? And where is the low-hanging fruit that can help you get ahead quickly? This is a great session for anyone looking for practical ways to wake up their recruiting capabilities to address emerging talent needs.
Attendees will learn:

  • Key questions to ask to identify and address hidden drags on the recruitment process and improve time-to-fill on impending openings
  • Actions to take to deliver immediate improvement in recruiting timelines, and areas to act to maintain long-term effectiveness
  • Simple steps for turning a passive referral program into a marketing driven source of critical talent
  • Strategies for engaging recruiting partners in a way that ties activity directly to business impact


Valerie Egan

Talent Acquisition Strategist, Girl Scouts of the USA