Hiring and Retaining Non-exempt Talent: Primark’s Launch Story


Entering a new market is difficult for any organization. But entering in the retail space around Black Friday brings on challenges all its own. When Primark committed to opening their first U.S. stores during the busiest retail season, they quickly learned the attraction and retention strategies that served the company well in the UK would need to be transformed for the States.
Join Dennis Watson, Head of U.S. Talent Acquisition for Primark for a dynamic discussion on Primark’s approach to hiring 2,400 traditional and seasonal retail staff to cover two brand new stores.
Attendees will learn how Primark:

  • Overcame zero market brand presence in a competitive non-exempt talent market
  • Integrated technology to streamline the application process for candidates and the organization
  • Adopted new retention strategies to appeal specifically to non-exempt employees


Dennis Watson

Head of U.S. Talent Acquisition, Primark Stores Limited