How Human Centered Organizations Drive Innovation through Engagement and Well Being


There are many strategies for addressing engagement as a driving force of high performance, and no lack of opinion about where to start. Based on extensive organization development work in high performance organizations like Fidelity Investments, IDEO, and Hulu (and more), it’s clear that engagement is not something done to employees, it’s something achieved with them. This is especially true when high performance is defined as innovation.
Innovation is a rallying cry of executives everywhere. It’s considered one of the most important areas for management focus, yet many leaders and companies have little to show for their efforts, after tremendous resource investments. Innovation is hard to accomplish because most companies approach it from the wrong direction. It’s not something you command or control, it’s an outcome that is nurtured. Innovative companies are more likely to be human centered organizations designed with a fundamental goal of helping their people be well, so they are in a better position to innovate.  In this session, John will share an insider’s view of IDEO and Hulu including practical examples of how human centered organizations operate. He’ll share implementation stories and examples of tools, processes, and systems that help people be well so they are more ready to engage.
What you will take away from this session:
• A clear understanding of the link between individual well being and engagement
• Examples of human centered organization in action (tools, processes, practices)
• Implementation tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid


John Foster

Head of Talent and Organization at Hulu