HR Partnership in Action: The Integration of Technical Talent Acquisition and Technical Talent Development


A recent Fortune Magazine article said, “President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology predict a shortage of 1 million technical professionals in the coming decade. Amazon had approximately 1,500 technical job openings in 2013. A reporter for The Huffington Post called a long-term tech-talent shortage “economically devastating.”
The importance of integrating technical talent acquisition and technical talent development couldn’t be more critical.  All companies, regardless of industry, recognize that technology has become a competitive differentiator.  Yet the challenge of filling internal technical skills demand has become more complex as company’s internal IT divisions deploy and support an increasing number of legacy and cutting edge technologies.
Bridging the gap between technical talent acquisition in HR and technical talent development requires building new business processes, training and tools. Vice President of Global Workforce Enablement Kate Day and Director of Talent Acquisition Erica Langdon will discuss such changes that have impacted the existing HR and IT team’s relationship, their hires and the early business results
During this keynote, you will learn:

  • How to translate IT talent needs into terms that non-technical recruiters can use to find experienced candidates or to identify technical aptitude in early-in-career candidates.
  • How to develop shared, integrated systems and processes that support talent acquisition and IT talent goals.
  • How to leverage proven processes that develop technical talent skills.
  • How to identify the business results that will determine whether our talent acquisition and talent management efforts are successful.


Kate Day

Vice President, Global Workforce Enablement, MetLife

Erica Langdon

Director, Talent Acquisition, MetLife, Inc.