Identifying Barriers and Finding a Bridge to Engagement


Organizational sharing and building connectedness is central to engagement and studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and are easier to retain. Enhancing employee engagement through relationships, recognition, sharing, and empowerment does not have to be costly to organizations, but not doing so can be very costly to your organization’s bottom line. 
Many of the barriers to engagement in today’s workplace exist within organizational cultures and bureaucratic practices; simply put, organizations are not changing with the times and this aversion to change is leaving new talent jaded and disconnected. This interactive presentation will focus on understanding and identifying barriers to employee engagement that often exist because of bureaucracy or organizational mythologies that stand in the way of building social networks, open communication, and connectedness.
You will learn:

  • Barriers to employee engagement that exist within organizational cultures and structures
  • Tactics to improve employee engagement across generations
  • Methods for engaging virtual workforces
  • Utilizing social media tools and technology to enhance connectedness
  • Change management strategies to breakdown organizational barriers


Kalaida Holmes

Human Capital Team Lead, Human Resources Directorate at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)