Leading from the Middle: Why Managers are the Key to Winning the Talent War


Creating an exceptional experience for employees doesn’t start at the top; more often it begins in the middle. Managers hold the key to the day-to-day experience of most of our people, yet too often they are left on the sidelines when it comes to talent strategy. Organizations that are the most successful at engaging their employees have learned that mobilizing managers and providing them with the right leadership skills is key to attracting, retaining and developing talent. Younger employees seek increased transparency from management and an understanding of and appreciation for the evolving digital landscape—the most successful businesses are making sure its managers are prepared to demonstrate both of these skills.
You will learn:

  • PwC’s efforts to engage their manager group and how it helped to drive improvements in their annual global people survey.
  • How culture change, a drive towards inclusion and diversity of experience, thought, and backgrounds, can transform employee engagement
  • The effects of cutting edge technology on interactions up and down the management chain—showcasing the importance of such ideas originating in the middle.
  • Practical advice on low- and no-cost ways to get managers involved in driving the talent agenda, and encourage them to take ownership for developing the next generation of leaders.


Terri McClements

Vice Chair, US Human Capital Leader and Global Talent Leader at PWC