Learning to Swim in a Sea of Big Data: Simple Tools to Enhance your Human Capital Analytics Journey


In recent years Workforce Planning and Analytics have become top strategic priorities for many HR functions.  As organizations continue to look to big data and analytics to help optimize their business models, many executives have realized the potential upside benefit to using this type of scientific approach to improve decision making around human capital related issues.
Using workforce planning and analytics in the context of human capital and HR decision making has not come without its own set of challenges.  Many HR practitioners do not pursue careers in HR to become “number crunchers” or “quants”.  This has led to a significant shortage in the type of skills needed to execute on an analytical approach to HR.  To remedy this skills gap, some organizations have established Workforce Planning and Analytics COE’s or hired specialists to help fill the void.  It has become apparent however; that the demand for these type of skills in HR far exceeds the capacity of the available resources put in place by most organizations.
This has led to a demand for simplified tools and training that will increase the overall analytical capability of the HR function and provide the average HR practitioner with the means to take advantage of the big data revolution.
What you will learn:

  • Simple techniques to help analyze your HR data
  • Simple visual techniques to turn your data into a story
  • How to Influence business leaders with your data


Ross Sparkman

Leader, Global Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics, GE Aviation