New Research: Creating a Better Organization through Planning


A great workforce plan allows an organization to do so much more than have the right talent in place; a benefit itself worth the price of admission.  When partnered with organizational planning, a system devoted to creating and adjusting the organizational structure to meet business goals, strategic workforce planning enables a new level of organizational agility.  Thus a firm can adapt quickly to any change in business environment and condition.  This flexibility can provide outstanding competitive edge, especially when confronted with a reorganization or merger/acquisition scenario.
Human Capital Institute on strategic workforce planning: “The term workforce planning has been around for years and has been used to signify many different things. But true strategic workforce planning builds upon quantitative activities such as headcount planning and workforce analytics and uses that data as part of a qualitative decision framework that can inform and transform organizational strategy.”
Brand new research from Human Capital Institute examines each step in the strategic workforce planning process  to understand what aspects of the plan are currently being conducted, how, and why, and what barriers prevent evaluation or implementation.  It also evaluated the current adoption and understanding of organizational planning.

Presented by

Stephen Matthaey, CCP, PHR, MOS

Manager of Compensation and HRIS, Shionogi Inc.

Amy Lewis

Practice Leader, Talent Strategy and Acquisition, Human Capital Institute (HCI)