Open Leadership: Transform the Way You Lead with Social Technologies


Talk with your customers. Listen to your employees. These are long-time, well tested truisms of business. But ask organizations to engage with people on Facebook or Twitter and a look of sheer terror crosses their faces. The long held concept of command-and-control leadership is being tested as organizations are experiencing the largest technological and sociological shift of our generation. In a talk based on her latest best-selling book, Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead, Charlene advises leaders how to feel in command in a world where they’re no longer in control. For example, how open, how transparent, how authentic, and how real do you need to be? More importantly, how do you leverage and measure the impact of using social technologies in your organization?


Keynote Presenter

Charlene Li

NY Times Bestselling Author and Influential Emerging Technologies Thought Leader