Quantifying the Candidate Experience: Engagement to Onboarding


The cost of a bad hire may range anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.  With attrition rates, and the number of open roles increasing by 28% in 2016, it is critical that Talent Acquisition be targeted and purposeful making every effort to get the right talent at the right time.   With so much competition, we owe it to our candidates to provide a top quality candidate experience.  However, how do you measure what that would be, and how do you get the data to influence your leaders for those changes?  Join us as Therasa Cha shares her stories of leveraging Talent Acquisition analytics to influence key decisions and make an impact on candidate experience across both large and small organizations.  In addition, she will cover the art of quantifying success for leaders and scaling down.


Therasa Cha

Head of People and Culture, TASER International