Quantitative HR: Building a Human Capital Analytics Capability


The human resource profession has evolved significantly over the last 20 years.  Many organizations continue to view HR as a back office administrative function, while others have made human capital management a top business priority.  The desire of human resource professionals to have an influence on business decisions is dependent on their ability to be fluent in the language of business.  Including the ability to understand and articulate the quantitative aspects of the organization.
Workforce Planning is a topic in growing demand as HR organizations seek to leverage human capital analytics and drive business decisions.  However, Workforce Planning is only one of many areas that require the quantitative proficiency of HR.  As the HR function develops the ability to produce and articulate human capital analytics, organizations will have an increasing reliance on HR professionals in the decision making process.

Presented by

David Eberhardt

Director, HR Strategy & Systems, Devon Energy Corporation

Jason George

HR Data, Reporting, and Analytics Manager, Devon Energy