Quick Wins: Getting Traction for Strategic Workforce Planning in Your Organization


While many organizations have been realizing the benefits of strategic workforce planning for years, others are just starting to explore how it can help their organizations succeed.  Those who do have a robust SWP function in place are often the first to say it’s not easy to get started… even with a mandate from senior leadership and/or an obvious organizational need.  So, what if you don’t have a mandate?  What if you can see the organizational need?  How can you help to develop a common understanding of what strategic workforce planning is and illustrate the potential benefits for your organization?  Where do you start?
This session will reflect on the recent activities undertaken at State Street and other organizations to help you jump-start the strategic workforce planning conversation in your organization.
You will learn:

  • How to define “strategic workforce planning”
  • How to develop an organizational vision for strategic workforce planning and educating/engaging HR and business leaders
  • How to break down into a menu of bite-size questions to address as opportunities arise
  • How to indentify the data you have that supports your analytical efforts
  • How to create ‘teasers’ to stimulate the discussion about forecasting


Sara Fuller

Assistant Vice President, Workforce Analytics at State Street