Social Media Optimization: Leveraging a Diverse Workforce to Attract Top Talent


Ericsson transitioned from a hardware manufacturer to a mobile network software provider, and to be successful in this rapidly evolving and highly competitive software space, Ericsson needed to attract, retain, and engage a talented and diverse workforce while simultaneously working to empower them. To accomplish this, Ericsson looks for new ways to promote their diverse and inclusive employer brand on social media that would attract—and retain—top talent.
Ericsson began to establish a social media presence specific to recruitment and employer branding on stronger corporate channels like YouTube and Pinterest. Then specific employer brand and careers presence was built on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor,  Google+, Instagram, and a Wordpress blog.  Hear how Ericsson leveraged its global employees for a variety of campaigns on their career-specific channels and what they learned on this way.
In this keynote you will learn

  • How Ericsson promoted the diverse environment and company culture for both recruiting and retention.
  • How to be thoughtful of every word in a job description and metrics to provide it.  
  • How they used social media for targeted audiences.
  • How they encouraged employees to be brand advocates.



Lisa Smith-Strother

Sr. Director, Global Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing, and Diversity TA Head, ‎Ericsson