Menefee, Ph.D.
Global Talent Management, Organization and Leadership Development

Succession Planning for Tomorrow: There Is No Me Without You

What was good enough yesterday is not good enough today.  This keynote examines the challenges facing effective succession planning today and how succession planning will become more challenging and require far more dynamic management and collaboration outside of your organization in order to survive.

We’ll also explore the trends of succession planning over the past decade and touch on the classic, tried and true foundational elements of succession planning.  We’ll also learn the next/best practices necessary to compete in the future retention of leadership talent.  A great focus is placed on integrating succession planning seamlessly with development, talent acquisition and other talent management areas, since such integration will be essential in the future state for successful succession planning.  We’ll also look at innovative ways that leaders can increase succession bench strength and ensure continuity in their organizational leadership roles.

You will learn how:

  • To provide leaders with an understanding of the past and changing trends of succession planning
  • To challenge leaders to examine their succession planning processes in order to explore whether or not their current strategies will be sufficient for the near future
  • To integrate succession planning seamlessly with other areas of talent management for healthier leader bench strength
  • Develop leaders for tomorrow beyond yesterday and today