Tomorrow’s Federal Leaders, Today’s Federal Interns

Recruiting and retaining Gen Y is imperative as 60% of the government workforce retires in the next four years.  Making this especially difficult is the current climate of intangible rewards and incentives, coupled with the perception that Gen Y is difficult to manage in the Government Workforce.  This panel will provide a direct line between attendees and the interns to discuss their experiences, what attributes attracted them to their respective agencies and how employers can make government service attractive and satisfying to this group of talent.

Moderated by

Amiko Matsumoto

Senior Program Manager, Partnership for Public Service

Panel Members

Alicia Mazzara

Graduate Hire, Federal Trade Commission, & MPA/MPP Student, George Washington University

Susanna Marking

FEMA Office of Public Affairs, Department of Homeland Security

David Roberts

Management and Program Analyst, Office of Financial Stability, US Department of the Treasury