The Truth Machine: Blockchain, Recruiting and the Future of Everything


The world’s largest banks are larger than ever. In a digital era, credit fraud is ever present. Our quaint notions of privacy are ever-more perilous. And to help, we can’t look to so-called ‘legacy’ systems: they’re ill equipped to keep the economy stable or our lives simple. So we look to the blockchain, argues Michael Casey: a public, common good; a means to transfigure major parts of the economy with an operating system that is, in a word, revolutionary; and a decentralized trust architecture to manage the decentralized economy we’re building. In this keynote, based on his latest book The Truth Machine (the sequel to The Age of Cryptocurrency), Casey unveils the disruptive potential of blockchain for a wide range of industries (shipping, legal, tech, finance, security, and beyond). Essentially, blockchain offers more trust, and more control: to personal actors worried about data, identity, or assets; to those excluded by the unfair distributions of globalism; and to society itself, long in need of a restoration of faith in its capacity to order, manage, and plan. It’s not without its challenges, of course—and Casey is sure to discuss the threats to employment, public interest, and social cohesion that are coming. But with rich, fascinating examples, he champions the need for this utterly transparent, digital, radical model to pass over and replace broken and unreliable institutions. This is about empowerment, Casey says: a way to move humanity forward into a world of decentralized, more reliable technology.
In this session you will learn:

  • What blockchain technology is and why it matters.
  • How blockchain will transform the economy and society for better and for worse.
  • What its potential is to transform the world of recruiting and talent management.


Michael Casey

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Fintech Speaker, Co-author of the Truth Machine, the Social Organism, & The Age of Cryptocurrency