Using Data Science as an Inclusion Tool: Lessons Learned from Going Back to School


Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to maximize the business impact of global diversity and inclusion to empower their people internally as well as the community at large. The MS Data & Decision Sciences Group built a predictive model to identify at-risk kids lowering attrition 25% in the Tacoma Public School District. As a result now this model is being embraced by multiple public school districts in various states across the country. Many lessons can be applied by HR and diversity professionals who want to measure where they are losing key people, discover why and figure out what solutions to implement.   
In this inspiring story, you will learn:

  • How data science can uncover bias.
  • How data science can show which critical roles are at-risk of leaving the company.
  • How to operationalize internal process to improve retention.


Dr. Sarmila Basu

Chief Data Scientist, Data & Decision Sciences Group, Microsoft