Workout and Thrive in the Work Place – Creating a Culture of Success


Tired of the hamster wheel of long days, sore backs, increased deadlines, and caffeinated beverages getting you through your afternoon? This talk will inspire and outline ways you can create a modern company culture that champions success and fosters participation.
This keynote will cover what you need to know to manage your energy and not your time. Through strategic planning and goal setting, you and your teams can build long lasting and successful careers while maintaining a work-life balance. These healthy habits are the building blocks for fostering success and innovation.
You will learn:

  • Healthy habits of the uber successful that you can adopt today
  • The Workplace Workout: how to move correctly to keep you pain free at work
  • How to use fitness to truly engage employees and recruit and retain the best talent

Keynote Presenter

Perry Lieber

Elite Personal Trainer and Innovative Leader in the Corporate Wellness Space