Become an HCI Underwriter


HCI offers a unique opportunity to build relationships with senior executives, align your brand with thought leadership, and grow communities of interest around topics most associated with your marketing objectives.

No other association or media organization offers the brand value, comprehensive range of underwriting opportunities and direct access to decision-makers that HCI provides.

HCI at-a-Glance

HCI is a global executive association with over 195,000 members in over 172 countries. Our members represent the most progressive leaders in the human capital disciplines of recruitment, strategic HR, organizational development and corporate learning, as well as a growing number of operating line managers and executives.

Our members share the conviction that talent is the only sustainable competitive advantage in the global knowledge economy, and are moving rapidly to transform their organizations in concert with new services, technology and solutions providers.

HCI is a clearinghouse for new ideas in an environment of rapid change, and so attracts the leaders who are responsible for identifying solutions, and best positioned to act. This is the premium audience for companies who offer products and services for recruitment, human resources, talent management, learning and development.

Why Underwrite HCI?

  • Reach into the most senior audience of progressive execs
  • Assume thought leadership in an era of uncertainty
  • Don't simply advertise, take credit as a leader and community builder
  • Don't just generate leads, build relationships
  • Be positioned as a strategic partner, not a vendor
  • Support transformational research and education for the new economy

Strategic Partners, Not Advertisers

HCI underwriters are strategic partners, not vendors. Unlike other associations, we do not treat our underwriters as necessary, but unwelcome, advertisers. Rather, we understand that many of the most creative and transformational ideas come into the market through service and solutions providers, and welcome our underwriters to the table as contributors.

This means that we work hard to separate the "selling" message from the contribution underwriters are able to make in thought leadership, and advancing the field of talent management. With ground rules firmly in place, we strive to integrate our underwriters into the broader community, and provide relationship-building access to fellow members.