Media Kit

Why Advertise with HCI?

An Uncommon Partner

HCI offers a unique opportunity to build relationships with senior executives, align your brand with thought leadership, and grow communities of interest around topics associated with your marketing objectives. No other organization offers the brand value, range of underwriting opportunities and access to decision-makers that HCI provides.

An Unprecedented Reach

HCI is one of the fastest growing executive associations in the world, with over 195,000 members worldwide.

Our monthly communications reach 2 million email desktops and are represented in thousands of social media posts and discussions, and our prospect database is growing at over 1,000 new desktops every week.

A Wide Range of Underwriting Options

HCI offers a powerful menu of underwriting options; including our communities of interest and practice areas on HCI’s Online Talent Communities (over 50,000 unique visitors/month), expert webcasts, five major conferences, private workgroups for senior executives and a steady stream of research, white papers and case studies.

24/7 Lead Generation

HCI is a year-round lead generation machine. Over 10,000 members attend our educational webcasts, conferences and executive workgroups every month. Tens of thousands of members visit our website afterwards, to download the archived webcasts, podcasts and research reports that result. This creates an opportunity to connect and a continuous stream of leads.