HCI Online Content Partner Programs

A Unique Opportunity

HCI’s Online Content Partner Programs are a unique combination of e-marketing, social media, and new-to-world content and thought leadership. Each program starts with a dedicated, branded section of HCI’s premium website that features original live webcasts, content from the underwriters (from white papers to videos), custom content created by HCI, and a platform through which underwriters and HCI members can interact.

Promotion, Branding, and Lead Generation

Promotion to the site consists of dedicated, branded email campaigns to HCI’s membership database, prospect database, and social media channels. The result, through a combination of webcast attendees, content downloads, and click thrus, is that a typical HCI underwriter enjoys not only significant branding, but also premium leads with decision makers from elite organizations across a calendar year.

Meaningful, Direct Dialogue

The most unusual and powerful benefit of underwriting HCI Online Content Partner Programs is that they enable HCI partners to have a direct, unfiltered, value-added conversation with HCI’s premier membership. HCI underwriters write up to 4 blogs a year that are featured on HCI’s site and are sent to tens of thousands of subscribers as well as tens of thousands more in HCI’s social media groups on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.