Signature Series Sponsorship

An Invitation to Potential Partners

In 2017, HCI will comprehensively examine several topic areas that are of great interest to our members—our 2017 Signature Series. These topic areas were selected from a rigorous interview and survey process with our membership. We seek four partners with whom to collaborate on these initiatives.

  • INCLUSIVE DIVERSITY: Building an Organizational Strategy that Works
  • THE ATTENTION ECONOMY: Bringing Mindfulness to Work and Leadership to Create Workplaces Where People Can Thrive

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • An opportunity to partner with HCI to shape, define, and lead insight and practice in an issue area that is current and top-of-mind in leading organizations and their talent executives.
  • A year-long, integrated opportunity to engage in dialogue with HCI’s membership and the outside world through online media, original content, and in-person conferences.
  • The promotion, exposure, branding, and lead generation associated with HCI’s deepest, most collaborative partnership vehicle.

Major Deliverables

  • A survey-based research report
  • Two webcasts
  • One podcast
  • Three dedicated email sends
  • Diamond branding and keynote at an HCI conference
  • Content landing page on
  • Integrated social media and press campaigns
  • Optional joint appearances in sponsor’s own events and media
  • Full distribution rights for all the content assets produced

Price: $65,000