HCI Events

An Audience of Senior, Decision-Making Executives

HCI summits, conferences, private events and workgroups are premium events, and attract the most progressive executives in human capital, talent and line management. They deliver cutting-edge thought leadership, new research and case studies filled with innovation and new ideas that drive the market.

Thought Leadership, Branding and Exclusive Access

HCI Events offer options that leverage your most important marketing objectives. Thought leadership opportunities include expert, panel and client case study presentations, research sponsorships and dedicated workshops. Branding includes comprehensive press, email and social media marketing campaigns, and a host of options for recognition before, during and after the event.

No vendors are allowed at HCI events. Our underwriters are granted exclusive access to the senior, strategic executives that attend. This offers a unique and powerful opportunity to connect as peers, and build personal relationships.

Premium Services for Dedicated Underwriters

HCI offers unique, high-value services to underwriters who make a significant investment for our members. These include:

Targeted Invitations:
HCI will go right to your highest-priority targets, reach out and draw them to your event

Warm Introductions:
HCI will help you meet and grow relationships with the senior, decision-making executives attending the event

Assistance With Meetings:
HCI offers personal concierge services onsite, including organizing and hosting meetings for our best underwriters and their most important prospects